Jazz como uma ferramenta de aprendizado contínuo.

Um breve artigo que escrevi hoje para a Royal Society of Arts - Jazz como uma ferramenta de aprendizado contínuo.
A brief article I wrote today to the Royal Society of Arts - Jazz as a lifelong learning tool.
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Jazz as tool for lifelong learning

– Let’s swing! –
by Samuel Quinto
One day a friend asked me if I could play the Blues. This happend when I was in high school, back in the 80’s. You can imagine there was no PC, Internet, cable TV, Wi-fi, CD, DVD, etc., and that most of the source of knowledge about global music where I lived, came from the 4 or 5 available TV channels and some radio program, wich was not my case because I used not to listen to the radio.
He asked this because he knew I had the ability to play some instruments, the main one being the piano, and also knew that I had a good ear. Then I told him I didn’t know the Blues, he lent me a Pink Floyd K7 tape and said so: This is the Blues!
I heard that album for a long, long time thinking was blues(lol).
The album? Ah! It was “The wall”.

I learned all the guitar solos and I told to everybody that I could play the Blues. What happiness!
One day I heard the Globo FM radio in Salvador-Bahia-Brazil (where I lived with my Family at this time), a program dedicated to the Blues.
Imagine the shock I had!
It was totally different from the “blues” that I could play. Hence I was jotting down some things that happened in the songs as they were being played.
Cool! There is a pattern! I thought I reinvented the wheel(lol). If it were today I would have run to the computer to watch performers on Youtube.
I’m telling this story just to show that if a simple boy could see a pattern, any musician, student or professional, trying to go down this path which starts with the blues, will be able to understand the essence of the style and will become a jazz improviser, using the right tools of the simplest and most effective way possible. Then I wrote a book.
Do you know why I decided to write a book? For two main reasons:
#1 — By observing the difficult that most students and musicians had to understand the didatic of some harmony and improvisation classic books, which are great material for research, no doubt.
After all, you can even store forms, modes, scales, chords, grooves — understand this verb “to store”, because unfortunately a lot of what you memorize, over time you loose or forget, isn’t? This happens to me too. My memory is terrible! My wife says that.
My father has told me several times, “the human being needs to be remembered more than taught.” Now I understand that this is a very practical truth.
That’s why I have trying to teach the logical reasoning. UNDERSTAND the essence and not only MEMORIZE, to not to be betrayed by memory as I was so many times.
#2 — Because I teach, over 20 years and wherever I go, I always notice the same issues.
I selected some of these questions I have answered more throughout my career as a musician and music educator.
Then I realized that there was a flaw in the collective learning and / or individual always in the same spot. When the theory should be more consulted than the practice on the instrument, or lack of knowledge about appropriate books or by the difficulty of understanding of their content.
By the way, I have a funny story that happened to me. A childhood friend who is a classical pianist once told me this: Now I know what’s Jazz!
So I asked her what it was. She said “when I do not understand anything what’s playing I know it’s jazz.”
My challenge as a music educator is to break down barriers using jazz and its aspects as a tool for long life learning.
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