Scarlett Entertainment - Samuel Quinto

Scarlett Entertainment - Samuel Quinto

Bom dia meus amigos! Super novidade!
A Scarlett Entertainment, com sede no Reino Unido, é uma agência global (uma das maiores do mundo, se não for a maior) que trabalha com artistas em várias partes no mundo me incluiu em seu super prestigiado quadro artístico!!! 
Ainda estamos trabalhando na apresentação do site, mas já está quase tudo pronto. Único pianista brasileiro! Graças a Deus! Confira o texto e o link abaixo.

Scarlett Entertainment

A remarkable award winning pianist and music composer who performs breath taking jazz, pop, gospel and classical music will astound audiences worldwide. Our Brazilian pianist published the first Latin jazz album with a trio formation that has been performed at various festivals and concerts.
With a European tour that spanned across Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Holland and England, this award winning pianist has astounded crowds all over the globe with his incredible music. 
In 2009 he founded the first Latin jazz course and received an invitation to be the artistic director of one of the most renowned Portuguese Jazz Clubs. Not only that but our award winning pianist composed a symphony for A Bemol Maior Pascha Aeternam. Later he then adapted the symphony to an opera format, which made its debut at the second Baptist church in Mossoro as well as at the Dix-Huit Rosado Municipal Theatre to an audience of over 1,500 people.
With a unique style of jazz that reveals a strong influence of Michel Camilo’s music fused with Chick Corea, Chucho Valdes and Gonzalo Rubalcaba, our award winning pianist’s style is percussive and marked by repetitive bass lines.
With a wealth of success as both a pianist and music composer our musician was invited to be the first foreign member of the Pennsylvania Music Federation in the USA as well as being elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts London where he was the first Brazilian artist to receive this honour. After that our outstanding pianist received the title of Commander by the Brazilian Society of Arts, Culture and Teaching in addition to the Medal of Cultural Merit Master Carlos Gomes.
Our award winning pianist and music composer is perfect for high end events, private parties, gala dinners, weddings and any occasion that desires piano music of the highest calibre.
To book our award winning pianist or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists. | All About Jazz — Editor | Royal Society of Arts — UK | PFMC, NFMC — USA/United Nations | International Council for Traditional Music — Unesco/Worldwide | American Council of Piano Performers — USA | Honorary Consul ADMIR | Ambassador NOHE | Fritz Dobbert/Kawai Pianist

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Samuel Quinto Feitosa, FRSA (born September 5, 1973) is a Brazilian pianist of jazz, pop, gospel, and classical music, as well a conductor, music producer, composer, arranger, educator, and writer who has lived in Portugal since 2004. Quinto grew up in Salvador, where he developed his art mainly on piano. He is a His Excellence Honorary Consul by American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations and Ambassador by Noble Order for Human Excellence.
Maestro, Composer, Pianist, Writer and Educator


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