Blue Monk - Improvisation Class - Aula de Improvisação

Blue Monk - Improvisation Class - Aula de improvisação

Com Lucas Almeida (El. Guitar) e Wellington Ferrari (Drums)

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Samuel Quinto Feitosa FRSA (born September 5, 1973) is a Brazilian - Portuguese pianist of jazz, pop, gospel, and classical music, as well a conductor, music producer, composer, arranger, public speaker, educator, and writer who has lived in Portugal since 2004. Quinto grew up in Salvador, where he developed his art mainly on piano. In 2018, he joined Ph.D. Digital Media Art, a program developed by the Department of Science and Technology - Portuguese Open University in partnership with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - University of Algarve, both of which are renowned Portuguese public universities. He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts - London, title that grants him to sign FRSA after the name, granted by the British Crown. Wikipedia


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