Professional Evolution - FPA

Professional Evolution - FPA

Foi muito bom estar com vocês da Faculdade Paulista de Artes!

Semana Cultural 2017
Palestra sobre autoprodução: "Professional Evolution"
professor convidado: Samuel Quinto
Veja as fotos: | All About Jazz — Editor | Royal Society of Arts — UK | PFMC, NFMC — USA/United Nations | International Council for Traditional Music — Unesco/Worldwide | American Council of Piano Performers — USA | Honorary Consul ADMIR | Ambassador NOHE | Fritz Dobbert/Kawai Pianist

Follow me: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Listen To Samuel Quinto On: iTunes: About Samuel Quinto: Samuel Quinto Feitosa, FRSA (born September 5, 1973) is a Brazilian pianist of jazz, pop, gospel, and classical music, as well a conductor, music producer, composer, arranger, educator, and writer who has lived in Portugal since 2004. Quinto grew up in Salvador, where he developed his art mainly on piano. He is a His Excellence Honorary Consul by American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations and Ambassador by Noble Order for Human Excellence. Maestro, Composer, Pianist, Writer and Educator


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